Direct aid for former Prisoners of War (POW)

The associacion KONTAKTE e.V. supports POW from the former Soviet Union , especially from the Ucraine,  Belarus,  Armenia and from Russia. Due to the fact, that the partner organizations seldom notify of  new victims of Nazi Germany nowadays , aid has shifted  to social  and medical areas  instead of the former sole payment of 300.- Euro.

There also was an intensive correspondence  between KONTAKTE and  the victims, which produced  a psychological  relief to the victims of Nazi Germany in itself.

RUVD has supported  the associacion KONTAKTE since 2005  with the aim to fulfill its statutes.

With date of 30.6.2020  we ended the transfers , because there were no persons left  who  were   entitled to get the money.   From 2005 until 2020 we had transferred the total sum of 144.000.- Euro  to about 480 persons.

The project is now closed .