Cooperation with the INKOTA network

Since 2020 , Isabell Nordhausen is member of the board of our foundation RUVD. Besides , she is employee at the NGO INKOTA network, which was founded in the ancient German Democratic Republic in 1971. The special subject of Isabell is Centralamerica.

„Overcoming hunger, fighting poverty and fair globalization „ - these are the aims of INKOTA and for that they seek regional organizations with whom they can develop and organize projects , for example for security of nutrition , or the protection of human rights , or support of the civil society .

Very important subjects are - in times of crisis of the climate that already begins to show - adaptation to climate change , improvement of the provision of drinkable water or stressing the human right for drinkable water .

In all these projects always are included children and young adults , therefore we think, that the aims of the foundation RUVD that are layed down in the statutes i.e.“support of poor children“ is thus also accomplished .

Isabell regularly visits Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala and of course she speaks very well the spanish language ; so there are many synergies with the work of RUVD.

On the other hand we communicate very well with the partners of INKOTA in Centralamerica and begin to get to know their commitment by way of ZOOM conferences, organized by Isabell.