Scholarships in Guatemala – increase in 2014

The positive experience supporting young women to become auxiliary nurses motivated us to search for further possibilities of vocational training.
Recently a school was founded in Lancetillo for nursery school teachers; the vocational training lasts 3 years in total.
As of 2014 we will now give grants to 3 young women each year. Therefore, from 2016 onwards, there will be 9 in vocational training (bilingual kindergarten: maya and spanish).
Besides we financially support a former pupil of the Escuela Francisco Coll  in Guatemala City whose aim it is to become a qualified accountant.

CAICC in Cochabamba: Report in The Guardian, 20.4.2014

According to official figures, about  1,500 bolivian children live with one or two parents behind bars.
Read the informative  report about the fears of the incarcerated parents that their children might be abused in state-run homes  and how they organize their daily life in the prisons. Considering this background, the CAICC in Cochabamba is an important and exemplary project.


News from Cochabamba, Bolivia

In 2013, RUVD received a lot of donations as part of a birthday gift of one of the board members. Because of this, RUVD was able to give an extra U$ 5,200 to Veronica Bustillos, the director of the prison project CAICC and who used this donation to improve the CAICC with the project she founded … Read more