1. Bursary program in Lancetillo/Guatemala:
Together with those who are studying in 2017, there are now 23 young women, whom we have suppo20170402rted becoming auxiliar nurses or you may also call them community workers. One of them, Manuela, is financed by RUVD to become a professional nurse. Almost everybody else has found jobs in medical centers or in farmacies which are also part of the general medical care.
Nine young women are supported by us in gaining their high school diploma (in sciences and arts, with emphasis on computer) or in gaining the qualification as a bilingual nursery-school teacher. Three have already passed the final examinations successfully.

2. Elementary school Francisco Coll near the landfill of Guatemala City:
Last year there have been 295 pupils, 148 boys and 147 girls; out of these 238 achieved their class goals, 41 missed them and 16 moved away.

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3. Project of children in príson CAICC in Bolivia:
Here the situation is not good. We are now the only foreign financing organisation, until now it was not possible to find another sponsor despite the great efforts of the director and the new president Alex Bustamante. Also the bus ,which is very important for the project, is regularly broken. The communication between RUVD and the director and/or the president likewise is not satisfying.