Meeting report of Sister Teresa and Irmingard Weise in Barcelona on 15 th september 2015

As we already did two years ago we took the opportunity of Teresa`s visit to her family in Catalonia  to meet for conference and discussion.
Our scholarship program now exists for 5 years.
1. Number of scholars
Until now there have been 16 young  Maya women who started the training as auxiliary nurses, the last 4 of whom will pass their final examination in november  2015. Two have failed completely, that means they have preferred to marry and therefore have cancelled the training.
Of the remaining 10 scholars  there were two who have been best of classes (Lucrezia and Apolinaria); one is working in a

Yessica Albina Hernandez,Kindergarten teacher

Yessica Albina Hernandez, Kindergarten teacher

pharmacy (Vilma), one is still searching for work,  one is trying to gain her high school diploma because she wants to become a graduated nurse(Manuela) and seven are working in local health service centres. They are carrying out vaccination campaigns,  are supervising births as midwives, are stitching up injuries  and are looking after patients, in general. Referring to the training for kindergarten we have two scholars in the firstand two in the second year of education. Referring to the scholarships for high school diploma we have two scholars in the first year.

2. Residence
The scholars for auxiliary nurse are sharing a little 3 room flat  near the nursery school. There they can cook and learn and sleep. All the other scholars alre living in the boarding school of the sisters de la Anunciata in Lancetillo.

3. Fees
The scholarship`s  fees that are estimated and managed by sister Teresa  have proved to be sufficient. They come up to 2.400.- USD for auxiliary nurse,  1.257.- USD  for kindergarten (lasting 3 years) and 916.-USD for  high school diploma (lasting 2 Years).Out of the remaining money of the two women who cancelled the training  we made an emergency account. Here Sister Teresa can give for example extra money for tickets to those who are especially needy.

4. Evaluacion
7 of those women who already have graduated as auxiliary nurses  have filled in a questionnaire  created by sister Teresa and me. The results  of the analysis are as follows :
– averagely the women have 6 siblings, i.e. they come from large families , their parents are poor agricultural workers
– the training arouses a thirst for knowledge in them ( Santa Pastor),they feel more respected in their families because of their knowledge about medical drugs (Francisca Choc), they now can help others financially ,even the own husband ( Alicia), they like  the work with patients  and their confidence  (all of them), the monthly salary of roundabout 300.- Euro  makes them proud and independent (all of them).
5. Outlook
The fact, that more and more young Maya women  are working in a job with very high social reputation  is amazing for the local people. That`s what Teresa tells me. All the young women are climbing up the social ladder, Santos for example has married a teacher, they are now both working in their jobs, they are thus leading a modern marriage. If anybody strives to become a graduated nurse, we also will support this. But we are still missing a correct estimate of the costs.
The financing and sponsoring  can continue on the same scale, they can even widen and enlarge a bit, because they seem to be efficient and effective and seem to have a  social impact. The supported women until now don`t show tendencies to leave their country and emigrate.
Francisca, Bertilia, Teresa, Santa 2013 with certifikates from left to rigt

Francisca, Bertilia, Teresa, Santa 2013 with certificates from left to right

 Scholars for auxiliary nurse: Paulina, Juana, Carmelina, Floridalma in der Uniform der Schule, from left to  right

Scholars for auxiliary nurse: Paulina, Juana, Carmelina, Floridalma in der Uniform der Schule, from left to right