Kontakte-Kontakty e.V. Countries of the former Soviet Union

Direct aid for former Soviet POW

The RUVD takes a tiny part of the accumulated wealth in Germany and distributes it to the former Soviet POW who are still alive. This gets done by the organization KONTAKTE in Berlin, which gives 300 Euros –rather a symbolical gesture than real aid- to the people. The recipients are very old and soon there will not exist any people from this generation anymore.

We altered the statues of RUVD by 30th june 2020 – with the approval of the Berlin Senator for Justice, Consumer Rights and Antidiscrimination –, that we want to stop the support of former soviet prisoners of war, because 75 years after war`s end, there are not living any more persons entitled for donations.
In those 15 years after the beginning of the foundation`s work we have transferred 144.000.- Euro to the organization Kontakte, which gave the money to more or less 480 persons.

The project is finished.

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