Foundation Rückwärtsundvorwärtsdenken

The “Rückwärts und Vorwärts denken” foundation

The Rückwärts und Vorwärts denken foundation (RUVD) is a charitable and sponsoring foundation that means we support particularly certain people who are in financial need. The original idea of the RUVD was to address Soviet prisoners of war held (POW) in Germany out of the different forms of suffering in the 20th century. Comparing the fate of these prisoners with the German POW kept in the USSR one can see a clear difference: From 5,7 million Soviet POW, 3,3 million died (58%) whereas from 3,2 million German POW held in USSR, 1,1 million didn’t return (37,6%).

One of the main reasons why so many Soviet men died in German concentration camps was because of the distinctive racism in Nazi Germany, which, apart from the Jewish people, was also directed towards all Eastern Europeans. The German POW held in Soviet camps returned to their hometowns contributing to the country’s economy and the reconstruction of Germany. Many died in peace and prosperity. On the contrary the Soviet POW returnees were abused and harassed in Stalin’s dictatorship. Many of those who are still alive today live in poverty and lack of many things.